Wednesday, February 8, 2017


First off, you can still pre-order A Pizza My Heart for $0.99, and you can it at that price for the next couple weeks. After that, the price will be $2.99, so grab it while it's hot! Either way though, you're getting an pizza-filled anthology for less than the price of a small pie.

And an awesome anthology it is. I've had a chance to read all the stories in it, and I feel so lucky to be a part of this project with writers who are much more talented than I am. I think everyone who reads this will find a new writer to be a fan of--there is something in this anthology for everyone. Kind of like when you go to a party and there's a bunch of pizzas with different toppings there for you to choose from.

One reason I am super excited about this anthology is that it features the debut of a major character in the upcoming Orchard Pointe series that Jolene Haley and I are writing together. Kit Marsh is a huge part of OP, and the short story I wrote for A Pizza My Heart features Kit, a stray dog, and a drifter who just might turn up in the pages of an Orchard Pointe book one day (okay, he totally will turn up, but probably not until book two).

Jolene and I had originally planned to release Orchard Pointe last summer, so this would have been the second time folks were reading her. But I'm kind of happy things turned out like they did, because I think this first introduction really demonstrates why Jolene and I love this character so much. And those who enjoy this story will have plenty to look forward to when Orchard Pointe releases later this year.

But my story is just one slice of the delicious pie that is A PIZZA MY HEART. So grab the book, order your favorite pizza and enjoy!

Monday, January 30, 2017

A PIZZA MY HEART Arrives February 9th, But You Can Pre-order Your Pizzathology Now!

A while back I first talked about the upcoming anthology A Pizza My Heart, and how ridiculously excited I was to be a part of it. My amazing pal Jolene Haley has once again pulled together a fantastic group of creators (as she always does), and allowed us to celebrate one of the most important things in life--pizza.

A Pizza My Heart will be releasing on February 9th--National Pizza Day--for $2.99, but get this--you can pre-order the book on Amazon right now for $0.99!

A Pizza My Heart

Gooey cheese and warm pepperoni, with a side of kissing and murder.

A Pizza My Heart is a quirky and fun anthology that crosses all genres. Fifteen extraordinary authors have united to tell stories of mystery, mayhem, romance, danger, deceit…and pizza.

Sometimes spicy, sometimes cheesy, but always delicious, A Pizza My Heart invites you to explore life, happiness, and the pursuit of pizza.

Stories Include:

A Slice of Adventure by Maria Carvalho
Between Slices by Andy Grieser
Fresh, Hot, and Deadly by Rena Olsen
KissingDancingPizzaMURDER by Darci Cole
Kneadful Things by Jenna Lehne
Love Pizza No. 9 by Vanessa Rodriguez
Madame Miraval’s Pizza Place by Kelly deVos
Password Is… by Jolene Haley
Pizza On the Brain by Emily Simon
Pizza Buddy by Brian LeTendre
Pizzamergency by Brett Jonas
Survival Pizza by Rebecca Waddell
The Last Stop at the End of the World by Jamie Adams
The Pizza Guy by Jessi Shakarian
Where There’s Pizza by Jasmine Brown

Thursday, December 29, 2016

In 2017, It's Time To #MakeArtNotWar

As I briefly touched on in my last post, there were some creative goals I had for 2016 that I failed to meet. I wrote and released some short stories I am very proud of, and even collected some of them for my first anthology. But I did not get the next book in the Parted Veil series out, and two projects Jolene and I wrote did not release this year like we had originally planned.

And while I think all three of those projects will ultimately be better off for the delays when they do come out, I need to be better in 2017.

I think one of the primary reasons for a lackluster output in 2016 was a lack of focus. I spent a lot of time talking to people about writing, and discussing projects I was working on. I spent a lot of time following the happenings of the writing world on social media. But I didn't spend enough time creating.

And let's be honest, 2016 was a rough year. It's hard not to be distracted by what's going on in the world and in our country right now. The ever-increasing depressing and disturbing news certainly affected my creativity this past year.

In short, I need to put my focus back where it needs to be--on getting projects finished and stories out into the world.

Writer Monica Valentinelli has created a 2017 challenge for herself and anyone else who wants to participate. It's called Make Art Not War, and it's about having a positive impact on the world through the creation of art.

The rules the Monica has laid out for this challenge really speak to me. Specifically, the rules about making a commitment to writing every day, and reducing the time you spend on social media. So, I'm committing to writing for at least an hour a day, and limiting my social media check-ins to twice a week.

I will be blogging about my progress on this challenge here on the site, and when I do check in on social media, I'll be using the #MakeArtNotWar2017 hashtag along with other participants.

I want to thank Monica for providing some much-needed inspiration heading into 2017. I have big plans, and it's going to take a lot of hard work to get there.

If you're interested in participating, you can find the rules over at Monica's website right here. Let me know if you are taking up the challenge, and we can support each other as we go.

See you in 2017!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Come Spend the Holidays in Woodsview, Massachusetts!

Earlier this week, Jolene and I released a new short story that takes place after the events of our novel Harrowed. It's called "After the Storm," and it's a Christmas story about friendship featuring our two main characters. The story is currently available to read on Wattpad for free.

We were excited to give that present to Woodsview fans who have enjoyed Harrowed and are patiently waiting for Haunted (which is coming in early 2017). But then we got to thinking--what about people who haven't read Harrowed? How would they enjoy the Christmas story if they've never read the story that came before it?

Well, it just so happens that we had some promotional days left on Amazon, so we decided to make both Harrowed and "After the Storm" free from now until December 28th. We want everyone to spend a little time in Woodsview over the holidays.

Click here to get Harrowed on Amazon Kindle for free!

Click here to get "After the Storm" on Amazon Kindle for free!

To all of our current Woodsview fans--thank you! We hope you like "After the Storm." And to those just visiting Woodsview for the first time--welcome! We've got such sights to show you...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

After the Storm: A Woodsview Christmas Story

Woodsview fans, we have a surprise for you today. 

But first, we want to say thank you. Thank you for the tremendous amount of love you have shown Harrowed, and for your patience as we get ready to bring Haunted to you. We care about these characters so much, and to see them resonate with so many of you has been more rewarding than we could possibly have imagined.

And so today, we come bearing a gift, in the form of a Christmas story. It's called After the Storm, and it takes place just eight weeks after the events of Harrowed

Here's the blurb:

Two months ago, Avery Blair and her best friend Quinn Grady survived a murderous rampage by a psychotic killer dubbed the Woodsview Harvester. The murders devastated the town and both Avery and Quinn lost more than their friends to the Harvester.

On Christmas Eve, Avery and Quinn go to visit their friends and realize that while they've both lost pieces of themselves, their friendship is what will help them heal. 

This is a very personal story for us, for a variety of reasons. It's not a horror story, it's a story about friendship. It's a story about Avery and Quinn, and the people they care about. And hopefully as you read it, you'll see how much we care about them as well. 

You can read After the Storm for free right now on Wattpad. It's our Christmas gift to you.

We've also put the story up on Amazon for $0.99, so if you'd rather have it sitting next to your digital copy of Harrowed, or you just want to put a few quarters in the Woodsview wishing well, you can do that, too. Click here to get After the Storm: A Woodsview Christmas Story on Amazon Kindle.

And you can add the story to your Goodreads shelf right here!

So once again, thank you all so much for your support. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season, and stay tuned for release info for Haunted early next year.

--Jolene and Brian