Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Comic Book Resources Years (2008-2010)

I just wrapped up a two-plus year stint as a freelance writer for Comic Book Resources (, arguably the biggest comic news site in the known universe. For the past year and a half, I headed up the gaming coverage for CBR, coordinating pretty much everything having to do with video games. Working for CBR was the first real freelance job I had, and the experience was invaluable. I had the opportunity to shape the way we covered games, and over the last couple years we developed a great reputation for coverage that focused on talking to the developers and creators behind some of the biggest games of the past few years.

All told, I wrote over 100 articles for CBR. I'm not going to list them all on this site, but you can see each and every one of them by clicking here. I would, however, like to highlight some of the coverage that I'm most proud of, which was the series we did on the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" game in the Spring and Summer of 2009.

We worked closely with the PR team at fortyseven communications, as well as the creators behind "Arkham Asylum" to do a series of articles on the making of the game.

The first article I did in March of 2009 was an interview with developer Rocksteady Studios' Natham Burlow, the producer on "Arkham Asylum." You can read it here.

Next up in April I interviewed writer Paul Dini ("Batman: The Animated Series"), who penned the story for "Arkham Asylum." Read that interview here.

July's article featured an interview with David Hego, the Art Director at developer Rocksteady Studios. Check out that one here.

The final interview I did about the game in August focused on gameplay, and featured an interview with Lead AI Programmer Tim Hanagan. Read that here.

To cap it all off, I reviewed "Batman: Arkham Asylum" when it was released it late August 2009. This was the only game review I wrote during my entire time with CBR, but it seemed appropriate to review the game we had spent so much time covering in the preceding months. You can read the review here.

That series of articles on "Batman: Arkham Asylum" perfectly captures the style of coverage I aimed for during my time at CBR. I am immensely proud of my work there, and you will not find a nicer guy to work for than CBR head Jonah Weiland. I owe him a great deal for giving me a shot, and I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that my good friend Dan Evans put in a good word for me when I first applied to write for CBR.

So why did I leave? Primarily because I was spending so much time on coverage for CBR that I was neglecting all of the other writing projects that I had started. My decision to leave CBR and focus on those projects is the reason that came into being. Let's hope that move works out for the best in the long run.

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