Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Ideas Come in Small Packages

A very good friend of mine by the name of Jeff Rodgers runs a successful photography studio with his wife Allison (www.allisonrodgers.com). So successful, in fact, that people frequently ask them to come and speak about how they do what they do. Not content with being world-renowned photogs, Jeff and Allison launched a new creative venture in early 2010 called lbobi: The Little Blog of Big Ideas (www.lbobi.com). The goal of the site is to focus on the creative process and inspire fellow creatives by talking about the things people create and the process of creating them. Lbobi.com serves as a sounding board for creatives in every field, be it photography, art, flimmaking, music, or what have you. As it stands right now, photographers make up the majority of the lbobi community, which makes sense, as they know Jeff and Allison for the work they've done in that field.

Recently, Jeff and Allison have been looking at different ways to expand the audience of lbobi into other creative fields, which is where I recently came into the picture.

In August Jeff and I debuted the first episode of lbobi Radio (http://lbobiradio.podomatic.com/), the official podcast of the Little Blog of Big Ideas. We put out two thirty-minute (or so) episodes a month, and each one features news from the site, discussions on the creative process, and regular contests that offer cool prizes for those who participate. For example, in our latest episode (which went live yesterday) we ran down a list of some of our favorite desktop and iPhone applications for both work and play. You can listen to that episode here.

So, if you want to hear me talk about something other than comic books, movies and videogames, you should check out the podcast.  AND, if you are looking for discussions that will inspire your creative process, head over to www.lbobi.com and join in!

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