Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing and Running

While I have not been updating the blog over the past couple weeks, I have been busy. Mo Stache is still going strong--we're on our way to page 50! I recently posted reviews of "Portal 2" and "Thor" over on Secret Identity. Outside of writing and podcasting, I have also taken up a new hobby--running.

Don't get me wrong, I hate running. But, my wife is really into it, so I decided to see if it was something we could enjoy together. After talking to some friends who are also running fanatics, I was directed to a great running program called "Couch to 5k." The program is designed to take a non-runner and get them to be able to run a full 5k in nine weeks. I'm currrently in week three of the program, and I really like the way it's structured so far. Each week of the program consists of three running sessions, and you basically alternate running and walking for specific periods of time during each session. Over the course of the nine weeks, you do more running and less walking, until you are running the full 5k.

Since I am also a big nerd, I tracked down an iPhone app based on the program. The app is cool, because you can be listening to your favorite music or podcast, and the app breaks into tell you when to switch from walking to running. I love it, because then I don't have to keep track of anything.

So, to recap: still writing, started running. Stay tuned.

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