Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coming Back to Golf--Part 4: The Range

I finally got a chance to head out to the driving range recently, and the results were about what I expected from my golf swing. Despite not playing for the past few years, I was able to make contact with the ball pretty well overall.

Sadly however, everything I used to do wrong came right back, as if I never laid down the clubs. I swing too fast and too hard, which often results in either slicing the ball or coming over the top of it. So although I made good contact with about 55 of the 60 balls I hit, I really only hit about 7 or 8 good shots. There were a lot of mediocre shots, and some real stinkers.

The best part of the visit to the range was getting to try out my new clubs, and finding out that I really like them (remember, I am using the Ram G-Force cheapo set). The irons have a good weight to them and feel solid when you make contact with the ball. I didn’t hit too many wood shots, but both the driver and the 3-wood felt good. I was worried the graphite-shafted woods would have too much flex, but that wasn’t the case. So, first range visit under my belt, and i’ve got plenty to work on before I’m ready to go out and play a round.

Most importantly--slow down, Brian. I just have to keep telling myself that.

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