Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Death and Return of Co-Op Critics

Back in mid-2011, I started a new podcast segment on Secret Identity with a friend of mine, Dan Evans. The idea behind the segment was that we would have in-depth discussions about a particular game or series of games. These 'segments' actually ended up as stand-alone episodes of the podcast, due mostly to their length (they were about an hour each). We ended up recording two episodes, one on the third-person shooter Bulletstorm, and one on the first two games in the Mass Effect series.

At the time, Dan and I planned to do episodes on a fairly regular basis, and so I decided to start up a blog where we could not only post episodes, but also have additional written discussions about other games as well.

Things started off well, and we even convinced our friend Kim Wong to write a few articles for the blog as well.

And then things just sorta fizzled out.

We went the better part of a year without Dan and I recording a new episode, and our posts on the blog pretty much ended as well. I was actually considering letting the domain expire this year, as it didn't look like we were going to do anything with it.

But then, Mass Effect 3 came out. Dan and I are such big fans that we had to get back together and discuss the end of the series, and so another Co-Op Critics episode was recorded and posted. I then got to thinking about Co-Op Critics, and what it could be moving forward. I knew Dan and I still wanted to talk games whenever we could, and I talked to Kim about us starting to post regularly on the blog again. He suggested we bring in another avid gamer who liked to write about his experiences, Dave Fetterman.

And so, after some discussion, we decided that Co-Op Critics will live on. We will record podcasts when we can, but the focus of the blog will be the four of us talking about the games we play, why we play them, and the things we think about when we're not playing them.

Some of the things I post here will make their way over there as well, but don't just go there for me. Dan, Kim and Dave have some very interesting things to say as well. In fact, Kim and Dave both posted some great articles this week already.

So, if you're so inclined, check out and let us know what you think. Thanks!

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