Monday, September 3, 2012

Planning for New York Comic Con 2012

Now that Matt and I both have our press badge confirmations, we can really get into planning mode for this year's New York Comic Con. NYCC is the most important show we attend all year, because that's where we get about 70% of the interviews we post in our weekly Creator Spotlight segments on Secret Identity. Between the two of us, we expect to get 30-35 interviews over the four days we'll be there.

For us, NYCC is a strange beast, because it's the only place we get to see some of our good friends, but we're also working for pretty much the whole show (if you can call sitting down with amazing creators and talking about comics and games working).

We've had several years to refine our approach to NYCC though, and we've struck a pretty good  balance between work and fun. During the first couple of days (especially before the general public gets in), we hit the interview trail hard, getting as many as we can done early. By Saturday, we're just grabbing a few interviews here and there, and Sunday is generally a day for us to see the show and hang out with friends.

If all goes according to plan, we'll have plenty of stories to tell when we get back, and tons of great interviews to share throughout the year. In the meantime, we've still got some great interviews from Boston Comic Con, Albany Comic Con and August's ComicCONN to share over the next few months.

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  1. You're going too? Awesome! I got a press badge to my complete surprise and I don't even know where to begin getting interviews and such.