Friday, November 2, 2012

Creating the Trailer for COURTING THE KING IN YELLOW

A few posts ago, I talked about the fantastic cover the Jeff Rodgers designed for my book, Courting the King in Yellow. I recently used that cover and a couple of other tools to put together a short trailer for the book, which you can view in the player below:


It was actually pretty simple to put the trailer together. First, I used the GarageBand app on the iPad to create some theme music. I was going for a John Carpenter-esque synthesized feel, and I think it came out pretty great. I exported the music to iTunes, and then converted the file to mp3.

Once I had my theme music, and I had sliced up the cover image into a few different pieces, I went to and used their free presentation-making tool to put it all together. The free version of Animoto allows you to make up to 30-second presentations. You upload your photos and music, pick a theme, and Animoto does the rest for you. It’s really kind of amazing. If you’re looking for longer presentations and a larger choice of themes, you can subscribe to different levels of features.

For this trailer though, the free version of Animoto worked perfectly. With that tool, a little music created in GarageBand, and a sweet cover, I made a creepy trailer for my book that could get some more folks to check it out.

If you dug the little clip of music in the trailer, you can download to a longer version here.

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