Monday, December 3, 2012

Kindle and Kobo and Drive Thru, Oh My!

I am very happy to announce that Courting the King in Yellow is now available on both the Amazon Kindle and Kobo eBook stores!

In terms of the digital versions of the book, I wanted to make it available on as many devices as I could, as well as explore the different marketplaces.

Drive Thru Fiction is where Courting the King in Yellow launched, and it will be the first (and possibly only) place to get a print copy of the book when it becomes available later this month. The other great thing about Drive Thru is that when you buy the digital version, you get the PDF, ePub and Mobi versions of the book in DRM-free formats that you can then put on any device you want. On the author side, Drive Thru allows authors to get paid through PayPal, which is fantastic.

Kobo launched their self-publishing platform in June of 2012 and they have some amazing tools for authors. I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of those tools, but those, combined with the international presence of Kobo and their great reading apps for almost any device, make kobo an exciting platform to be publishing on right now. Kobo pays authors electronically through direct deposit, so that’s great, too.

And of course, the Amazon Kindle platform has a ginormous install base, and a thriving marketplace. Being on the Kindle Store doesn't mean people will actually buy my book, but it certainly provides the opportunity to get plenty of eyes on it. On the downside, Amazon still pays by check, but since they’re leading the pack in terms of digital book sales, it’s a trade off most authors are willing to accept.

Self-publishing can be kind of an overwhelming process, especially because of all the different marketplaces out there. But it’s also really exciting to see how different platforms work with authors, how they pay them, and how they distinguish themselves in the marketplace. For me, the goal of my first book is really to get my name out there. I don’t have delusions of being the next big thing on the self-publishing scene. This is all a learning process for me, and the lessons I’m getting now are going to inform how I approach the next project.

But back to you, the reader for a moment. You can now get Courting the King in Yellow at the following links:

Drive Thru Fiction

Amazon Kindle Store

Kobo eBook Store

You can also just click on the icons in the right sidebar of this page to head to each of the sites!

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