Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting a Boost From My Readers

Over the holidays, I hit the 'fifty sales' milestone for Courting the King in Yellow. All told, including print editions, I’ve sold about sixty copies so far. That’s about fifty-five more than I expected to sell when I launched the book, so I’m pretty pleased with how sales are going.

Right now, Amazon and Drive Thru are basically tied in sales numbers, and Kobo has been a dead end. That’s kind of disappointing, as Kobo has some great tools for writers in terms of tracking book sales, and their user interface for self-publishing is very intuitive.

Without a doubt though, the best thing about getting my first book out there has been hearing from people who enjoyed the story. From the beginning, Courting the King in Yellow has been a story I wrote for myself. My goal was to write something that captured the feel of the horror stories I grew up reading, and the movies I grew up watching. Lovecraft, Barker, Carpenter--nods to all of them can be found in my story.

Over the past few days, I’ve had a bunch of people who have read the book reach out to let me know they’ve enjoyed it. A few of them left reviews on Amazon (which is great!), and other emailed or sought me out on Facebook. I cannot describe how gratifying that was. No matter how many or few books I go on to sell, knowing that I was able to create something that another person spent time with and enjoyed is more than enough for me to call my first book a creative success.

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