Sunday, February 10, 2013

Using Tout to Chart the Snowpocalypse

There'e been a lot of buzz over the past couple weeks over the debut of Vine, a video service launched by Twitter on iOS devices. The Vine app lets you take six-second videos and easily share them on Twitter. Being an Android phone user, I wondered if there was a similar service for non-iOS Twitter users  so I did a little searching and found Tout.

Tout has actually been around for awhile (it launched in 2010), but has garnered some more attention since the launch of Vine, as it's basically a competitor to that service. The main difference between Vine and Tout that I've seen so far, is that you can create up to fifteen-second videos with Tout, which I like better than the six-second limitation of Vine.

We got walloped over Friday and Saturday with over eighteen inches of snow, and I used Tout to take a few videos of the before, during and after phases of the storm here in Western Mass. Take a look!

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