Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Madness--Update #1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've challenged myself to write at least 500 words of fiction every day for the month of March. My main reasons for this are to get in the habit of writing fiction every day, and to find a manageable number of words that I can commit to writing each day.

Two days in, my goal seems to be very reasonable. Yesterday I was able to get 825 words written in between work, family and other obligations. This morning I got up early and wrote a little over 600 words while most of the family was still sleeping.

As far as what I'm working on, I am currently in the middle of a short horror story, the premise of which came to me while shoveling snow during the big storm a few weeks ago.

Even though it's always been true, I often have to remind myself that there is time in almost every day for writing, no matter what else is going on. I just have to hold myself accountable to making the time for it.

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