Monday, March 11, 2013

March Madness--Update #3: A Break, and a Whole Lotta Mo

I took a day off on Sunday, as the family and I went to watch some college basketball and spend the day together. But, I’m averaging over 500 words a day, and I hit my count again today, so I didn’t let the day off derail me. My plan is to make up for that day off over the next few days, so by week’s end, it will be as if the day off never happened.

As far as subject matter, Mo Stache has surged into the lead. I’ve written fifteen new pages of Mo over the past week, and it feels great, as I had neglected the webcomic for a while, as I’d been working on my novel, and a few other projects. I’m on a roll now with the story in Mo, and even if I only get a few more pages done in March, I have enough scripts for my artist/partner John Cordis to last for the next several months.

I actually hit a plateau with the short story I was working on, and I’ve been thinking through possible solutions as I work on other things. I really want to push through the first draft though, as I already know I’ll be doing some serious editing before it’s ready for public consumption.

Oh--one more thing! I dusted off an idea I had for an all-ages comic that I am going to turn into a series of children’s books (possibly interactive books). I finished the first chapter of book one this weekend, and I think the story will work well.

Finally, even though I’m not counting them in my daily word counts, I’ve been writing a lot of posts about games, comics and more between the Secret Identity blog and Co-Op Critics. All told, I’m writing well 1,000 words a day, sometime more than 2,000. Having the daily fiction word count puts me in a writing mood, and once I’ve hit my goal for the day, I usually dive right into a blog post.

Anyway, that’s the latest. More updates to come!

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