Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Madness Update #4--A Derailment and a Victory

Whew! It's been an up and down week this week, mostly because I was really not feeling well for a couple of days, and I didn't write for either of them. My initial plan was to bounce back from one planned day off last week, and instead I missed a couple more. So, the total thus far for march is thirteen days of writing, three days of not writing. Not bad, but my goal now is to push through the rest of the month with no more interruptions.

On the positive front, I finished a story! Well, the first draft of one, anyway. I also wrote over 1000 words in the process today, so I made up for at least one of those missed days.

The premise of my short story came to me while I was out shoveling snow during a nor'easter a few weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with it, and I'll be sending it out to some beta readers before I do my final edits. I also need to get a cover image for it, as my plan is to get it up on Amazon soon.

Once March is over, it's back to editing my second book. I lost a bunch of edits I had done when my iPad crashed (always back up, kids!), so I'll be starting from scratch. But, I'm still planning on having book number two our by the fall at the latest.

More updates next week!

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