Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Madness Update #5--A Look at the Numbers

At the end of February, I decided to challenge myself to write on a regular schedule for the entire month of March. My goal was simple--write 500 words a day and a total of 15,500 words for the entire month.

So how did it go?

Well, when I finished my writing session of 608 words this morning, I finished off the month with a grand total of 16,010 words written. My average word count for March was 516 words per day, which was not bad, seeing as I missed six days of writing this month for various reasons.

I worked on five different projects over the month, completing a new short story, starting two new ones, and writing several pages of my webccomic, Mo Stache. I also finished the month by beginning a new book, which I wrote over 5000 words for in the last week alone.

Bottom line--I am very encouraged by my writing output this month. I was bummed to miss a handful of days, but I kept at it, and found that on most days, I could make time to write no matter what was going on. Not to mention, I did not count the blog posts I wrote for Secret Identity, Co-Op Critics or this blog in my word count for the month. In reality, there were many days where I was writing well over a thousand, and sometimes two thousand words per day.

I'm so happy with how the month turned out, I've decided to set a similar goal for April, and I will be taking part in Camp Nanowrimo to help keep me motivated. More on that to come!

If you're interested, here's a look at the breakdown of numbers for the month:

March 1--825
March 2--605
March 3--514
March 4--525
March 5--647
March 6--617
March 7--595
March 8--570
March 9--525
March 10--0 (planned day off)
March 11--531
March 12--564
March 13--775
March 14--0 (unplanned)
March 15--0 (unplanned)
March 16--1005
March 17--0 (unplanned)
March 18--536
March 19--523
March 20--535
March 21--0 (unplanned)
March 22--649
March 23--0 (unplanned)
March  24--1042
March 25--778
March 26--695
March 27--661
March 28--588
March 29--505
March 30--592
March 31--608

Total = 16,010

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