Friday, May 24, 2013

Announcing See Brian Write--The Podcast!

Guys and gals, I’ve got some big news--I’m starting a brand-new podcast!

My new show will be called See Brian Write, and it will focus not only on my writing adventures, but also on the processes of developing a writer platform and self-publishing in general. I’ll be interviewing writers of all different genres and mediums, so they can share their stories and give insight into their creative methods as well. I actually have a list of people already that I’d love to get on the show, as they’ve inspired me in my own quest to get my writing out there.

In doing research for a book on podcasting I’ve been working on, I recently checked out a lot of different hosting services for podcasters. Up until now, I’ve always used Podomatic, who I’ve had a wonderful experience with. I’ll continue to use them for my current podcasts Secret Identity, Kitbash Radio and Co-Op Critics.

For See Brian Write though, I wanted to try something a little different. One of the more interesting audio distribution platforms out there right now is SoundCloud. You may have heard of them because a band you like released a new song on their SoundCloud page, or you may have seen one of their waveform widgets on a website in your internet travels (like the one below).

Well, SoundCloud is currently beta testing some podcast functionality, and I decided to jump on their experimental train to see where it goes. I’ve applied to and been granted access to the beta, which will allow me to let people subscribe to a feed on my SoundCloud page. I’ll still be submitting the podcast to iTunes, so people can grab it there as usual, but I’m looking forward to seeing how SoundCloud’s podcast functionality evolves. I’ll be chronicling some of my experiences on the blog here as well as on episodes of See Brian Write.

When can you expect this show to kick off? Soon. I plan on having a few episodes in the can before I launch, and at this point, the show will likely be a twice-monthly podcast. When I have guests, the show could go upwards of an hour in length, and the episodes where it’s just me will probably be about a half hour in length. I actually recorded a couple of episodes a while back, when I was just kicking around the idea of starting a new show. I may post those up as extras or test episodes at some point.

So, thanks in advance for your support, stay tuned to the blog here and I’ll keep you posted! Oh, and you can cehck out a quick promo for the show below!

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