Monday, May 6, 2013


I'm excited to announce that my first horror novel Courting the King in Yellow is part of the launch lineup of books for a new service called Screwpulp. The folks over at Screwpulp launched this past week, and their approach to digital publishing is a unique one.

When a book debuts on Screwpulp, the first twenty-five readers can download the book for FREE--in exchange for rating the book on and giving it a mention on social media channels. When the number of downloads hits twenty-five, the book goes from free to $0.99, and stays there for the next thousand downloads. Each thousand downloads after that, the price will go up by a dollar, until the downloads start to taper off. Screwpulp will monitor downloads and find the price point where downloads remain consistent, and then hold the price at that point.

Of course, a lot of this is theoretical, as the site just launched, but I find it to be an extremely interesting experiment in reader-driven pricing. With my first book, my main goal is to get the word out about my writing by getting as many eyes on the book as possible. So, I'm all for trying out Screwpulp and seeing if their platform can help generate some buzz about Courting the King in Yellow.

If you haven't picked the book up yet, you can get Courting the King in Yellow for free right now on Screwpulp. All it will cost you is a few words.

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