Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Say Hello to Kitbash Radio!

I’ve got a couple of big podcasting announcements to make this week, and the first one is that my good buddy Jeff Rodgers and I just posted the first episode of Kitbash Radio!

Kitbash Brand Design is a new company that Jeff and his wife Allison Rodgers launched in April 2013. Their focus is working with business owners to help them improve their brand and reach more potential customers.

Kitbash is actually a project that evolved out of lbobi--The Little Blog of Big Ideas. For the past three years, has been a community blog designed around creative people inspiring one another through sharing tips, tools, stories and experiences. Jeff and I started a podcast in conjunction with the site called lbobi Radio, and have produced 52 episodes over the past couple years.

As lbobi has evolved into Kitbash, so too has lbobi Radio evolved into Kitbash Radio. The new podcast will retain the spirit of the old, as we’ll still be talking about design, marketing, creative tools and small business administration in our twice-monthly shows. In our very first episode, we were joined by the amazing Allison Rodgers, and we discussed the origins of Kitbash and talked a bit about logo design.

You can actually listen to the first episode right here in the player below, or head over to the podcast page by clicking here. On the podcast page, you can subscribe through iTunes or any other aggregator you’re using. Come check us out!

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