Wednesday, May 29, 2013

See Brian Write--Episode #1: Origins and Expectations

It's here!

I've officially launched the See Brian Write podcast. The first episode is a shorter one, in which I introduce myself and talk a bit about the format of the show. I also mention Google Keep, a note-taking app that I've been getting a lot of use out of lately. You can find out more about Google Keep here and download the app for your Android device on the Play store.

You can listen to the entire episode right here in the player below, or head over to to download the MP3. I will be getting the show up on iTunes in the next few weeks, but you can subscribe to the podcast with these feeds:


iTunes: itpc://

Even though the show will be a twice-monthly podcast, I won't be waiting two weeks to post the second episode--it should be up by next Wednesday at the latest.

I'm trying out different headsets for recording as well, so you may hear slight variations in the audio over the first few episodes as I find the one I like best.

One last note--I've lined up a handful of interviews so far, and I'm talking to new people every day. If you are a writer and want to be on the podcast, either email me (, or DM me on twitter:

Thanks for listening!

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