Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Magic of Screwpulp--Connecting Authors and Readers

When I decided to put Courting the King in Yellow up on Screwpulp’s new self-publishing platform, the main reason was to get the word out about my book. Because of the way Screwpulp’s pricing model works, early adopters get the book for free in exchange for Tweeting about it and giving it a review on the site. The snowball effect of Screwpulp’s model is that as more people that check the book out, the price starts to go up, until it hits the sweet spot that people are willing to pay, then it stabilizes.

When folks Tweet about downloading the book, I’ve been personally thanking them, and I think the ability to do that is one of the coolest things about Screwpulp’s model--it fosters direct interaction between readers and authors. I’ve had some great conversations with readers because of this, and it gives a weight to each download of the book that other digital platforms don’t.

So, if you want to go and download Courting the King in Yellow for nothing more than a Tweet, click here to head over to Screwpulp now. And expect a thank you from me when you do!

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