Friday, June 7, 2013

Here's Some Cool Stuff You Can Make With Animoto

I got some great feedback on the first episode of the See Brian Write podcast, and some great questions as well. One question in particular was about Animoto, the video creation tool that I mentioned would be great for creating book trailers, and whether I have some examples of video created with Animoto.

I’ve actually made several videos with Animoto, both personal and project related. Here are the ones I’ve made for various creative projects:

This first trailer is one I made for the launch of my book with the free (Lite) version of Animoto:

This trailer is a longer one that I made for my webcomic Mo Stache with the Plus version ($30 a year) of Animoto. You’ll notice it’s longer, because the paid version allows you to create videos over 30 seconds long (in addition to having access to a lot of other features).

This last example is a trailer I made for my long-running podcast Secret Identity, which I play on a loop at comic conventions with the Mo Stache trailer. This was also made with the plus version of Animoto.

What’s amazing about Animoto is how easy it actually is to use. The more content you have to work with, the more creative you can get. You can see from the book trailer that I basically just cut up the cover and sprinkled text in between the transitions. I created the music for the trailer using GarageBand (which I’ll write a separate post about in the future), but you can choose from plenty of music right on the Animoto site. For the other two trailers, I had more photos and art assets to work with, so they are more diverse.

My advice to you would be to go play with the free version, and think about what you’d like to use it for before deciding what level of account would work best for you. You can try the service, check out all of their plans and see a tutorial video at

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