Monday, June 17, 2013

SBW Podcast Diaries #1--Hello, SoundCloud!

One of the things that’s exciting about launching the See Brian Write podcast is that I’m using some new tools to do it. The biggest of those is SoundCloud, which is the platform I’m distributing the podcast through.

SoundCloud has been known up to this point as a music sharing platform, but they are moving into the podcasting realm, having started a beta program and introducing some new features. As I was getting ready to launch See Brian Write, I came across the beta, and asked in. A short time later, my SoundCloud account was accepted and I was ready to roll. The big feature for podcasters as opposed to the usual SoundCloud accounts is the addition of subscription feeds. So, people can not only download each episode from my SoundCloud page, but they can add the feed to whatever podcatching service (iTunes, Podkicker, DoggCatcher, Downcast, etc.) they use.

One of the coolest features of SoundCloud is the commenting system, and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to use SoundCloud for See Brian Write. If you listen to any episode on the SoundCloud page, or even here on the blog, you’ll notice there is a bar at the bottom of the player. If you mouse over it, you’ll get a pop-up that asks if you want to leave a comment. That means you can actually comment right there in the player, and your comment can be attached to a specific time in the actual episode.

So, say for example I was talking to a writer and they spoke about a new software tool they were using. You might have a specific question we didn’t address in our discussion of that tool. So, you could leave a comment right at that point in the show, writing it down as soon as it popped into your head while you were listening.

Pretty cool, right?

Even better, you don’t need to be actively listening to the episode to leave a comment. So, you could subscribe to the show in your favorite podcatcher, and then either go to the SoundCloud page or the blog here to comment in the player for that episode.

At the end of the day through, whether you comment here, there or anywhere else, I appreciate the feedback. And thanks again for listening!

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