Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lessons Learned from a Convention-Filled Weekend

This past weekend was the first time I actually set up a table at shows to sell my books. At ComiCONN on Saturday, and then Bing Con on Sunday, I had both Making Ear Candy and Courting the King in Yellow print copies for sale.

I ended up selling several books over the two days, most of them coming at the Bing Con, a small local show. I learned a few lessons I will be taking with me when I set up at future shows.

First, people really dug my book covers, and they were conversation starters. I have to again give props to my pal Jeff Rodgers, the one who not only brings my good ideas to fruition visually, but also knows when to tell me I’m crazy and go with a stronger design concept. Neither of my covers would be as cool as they are without Jeff.

Secondly, I need to do a better job of differentiating the two books. It would have helped if I had “Horror” and “How To” labels, or something like that. Granted, the cover of Courting the King in Yellow certainly implies something ominous, but for people just walking through a con, I may need to be even clearer to get their attention.

Another “lesson” from this weekend was something I already knew, but it was certainly confirmed for me--talking to people about my books leads to book sales. Particularly with Courting the King in Yellow, the curious horror fans I ended up talking with all walked away with a copy of the book.

Finally, the last thing I took away from the weekend in terms of getting my books out there is that I need to find more shows that have the ideal audience for my books. Making Ear Candy will do fine at comic shows and general cons, but I really need to find some horror-themed shows to bring Courting the King in Yellow and my next book to. When the next novel is finished, I’ll be targeting some of those shows for sure.

All in all, it was a great weekend, I learned a lot, and I had some fantastic conversations with people about my books.

By the way, you can see a bunch of pics from both shows over on the Google+ page for Secret Identity.

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