Friday, October 25, 2013

LOVECRAFT'S CURSE is Now Available at Amazon and Drive Thru!

I am beyond excited to announce that my new horror novel Lovecraft's Curse is available in digital and print!

This story is not only an homage to the greatest horror writer of all time, but the beginning of a new series set in the world of the Parted Veil.

Here's the skinny:

A horrific childhood incident cast a shadow over Fela Barton’s life for fourteen years. 

Now a 20-year-old college student, Fela survived her first semester of living on campus and is finally ready put the past behind her. 

Until the nightmares start again. 

Fela’s dreams hold the key to the madness that has plagued her family for generations. But as she searches for answers, a terrible evil gets closer to finding her. Only one person can help Fela now--and he’s been dead for over 70 years.

You can get the digital versions of Lovecraft's Curse for $3.99! 

You can grab the Kindle version of Lovecraft's Curse on Amazon by clicking here.

Over at Drive Thru Fiction, you can get Lovecraft's Curse in PDF, ePub or Mobi digital formats for $3.99, and you can grab the print version of the book for $9.99. If you buy the print version, you can get the digital versions for a buck more! Click here to get the book in your preferred format on Drive Thru.

If you're on Goodreads, please add Lovecraft's curse to your bookshelf!

Here's a quick teaser trailer for the story. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you dig Lovecraft's Curse!

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