Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OcTrailerFest 2013 Kicks Off Today!

I love horror. Love it. And that means October is my favorite month of the year, by far. I released my first horror novel Courting the King in Yellow in October of last year. If all goes well, my new book Lovecraft’s Curse will be out just in time for this Halloween, which makes me almost giddy.

I’m always looking for ways to celebrate this month of horror, and I kicked off a fun one today. It's called OcTrailerFest 2013. Each day on my Twitter feed I will be posting a trailer from one of my favorite horror movies. There will be plenty of classics to be sure, but I’m also going to be posting some of the more obscure b-movies that I grew up watching and loving.

I kicked things off with the trailer for the 1982 classic Basket Case. You can check it out in the player below.

Some of the trailers I will be posting about here as well, especially when it’s one of my absolute favorites. So, check my Twitter feed for your daily dose of horror. I’m also using the hashtag #OcTrailerFest2013.

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