Monday, October 21, 2013

PRIVATE SHOWING is Free on Kindle!

As I count down the days until the October 25th release date of Lovecraft's Curse, I will be discounting the other two Parted Veil stories, starting today with Private Showing. As of this morning, Private Showing is now free on the Amazon Kindle store.

Here's a quick teaser for the story:

Something about the old colonial on Sachem Street led Nita Young to contact the real estate agent as soon as it went on the market. But is she touring the house of her dreams, or reliving her worst nightmares?

This short story provides an origin story for Nita Young, a character who appears in both Courting the King in Yellow and Lovecraft's Curse. The events of this story take place well before the events of Courting the King in Yellow, and no knowledge of that story is required to enjoy Private Showing.

I hope you enjoy Private Showing, and stay tuned for news on Courting the King in Yellow in the next day or so!

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