Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting My Writing Back on the Rails

Everything was going so well. I’d just come off a very successful NaNoWrimo 2013, having clocked in over 60,000 words during the month of November. I had my new writing routine firmly established--waking up at 5am each morning and writing for at least an hour before work. I was well on my way to finishing the first draft of Lovecraft’s Pupil, the sequel to my just-released Lovecraft’s Curse.

And then Christmas 2013 happened.

Actually, it started on Friday the 20th. Both of my kids got out early from school, and they were on Christmas vacation from there on out. The weekend was filled with basketball, Christmas shopping and getting ready for incoming family. In any case, there was no writing done that weekend.

And there has been no writing done since.

That last six days have been a whirlwind, and my streak of writing has been shattered. The scene I had been writing seems a million miles away, and it feels like I haven’t touched my manuscript in ages.

This isn't the first time my writing routine has been derailed. in fact, it’s happened countless times since I started writing. I think all writers suffer through periods of inactivity for one reason or another, which in a way is comforting, as it’s something we all share in common. What really matters is what you do about it when you hit one of these writing funks.

For me, the answer is easy--I blog. In addition to this write, I have a gaming blog (Co-Op Critics) and a pop culture blog (Secret Identity) that I also maintain. So for me, the answer to getting my writing back on track is exactly what I’m doing with this blog post. I write about comics, I write about games, and I write about...writing.

This is not news to any of my writer friends out there. When you’re a writer, the answer to anything that derails you is to simply keep writing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go crank out a few more blog posts before I jump back into that manuscript.

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