Friday, March 21, 2014

I was Interviewed by G33king Out!

Lacey Gilleran recently interviewed me for G33king Out, which is a fantastic website for comics, games, movies, toys and all things pop culture. Their motto is "Embrace the Geek," and what I enjoy most about the site is that they focus on the positive, celebrating the things they love and sharing them with others. That's a philosophy that Matt and I have always had with Secret Identity, so I feel like Lacey and the gang over at G33king Out are kindred spirits. Some of them are also local, and they cover some of the great conventions we in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

In the interview with Lacy, I talked a bit about everything, from my writing origins, to podcasting, to where I get inspiration from. If you at all interested in my particular brand of crazy,you can read the interview here.

Thanks again to Lacey and G33king Out for the interview!

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