Thursday, April 17, 2014

Support Your Local Music Shop on 'Record Store Day'--Saturday 4/19!

If you're thirty-something or older, there's a good chance you bought your music growing up at a local record store. And while the digital age has meant that the bulk of music is purchased online today, there are still about 1000 independent music shops in the U.S alone.

This Saturday April 19th is Record Store Day, a day to celebrate and support those local music stores who are still out there providing a physical place for music lovers to buy and discover music, as well as hang out and talk about the music they love.

I am very fortunate that the music store I grew up with is still in existence today. Music Outlet in Enfield, CT is where my love of '80s rock and metal was nurtured. In high school I worked at the Stop&Shop next door the Music Outlet, and my weekly check would be cashed and the spent picking up new releases, rare imports and merchandise like jean jacket patches at the shop. The store has moved a couple times over the years, but it's till going strong, and it's still run by Gary, the same guy I bought my first cassette tape from decades ago.

There are a bunch of exclusive releases that shops may be carrying for Record Store Day, most of them on vinyl. From Motorhead to Notorius B.I.G., there is something for fans of just about every genre. You should call your local store to see exactly what they are carrying.

You can find participating stores near you here.

So go out and support your local independent music store this Saturday!

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