Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Secret Identity Summer Reading and Watching Projects Start June 6th!

Every year on the Secret Identity podcast we replace a couple of regular segments with our Summer Projects. We pick a comic event and a season of a TV show and discuss installments of both every week on the show for the entire summer. This year we've chosen a couple of great projects we think everyone will be excited about.

Summer Reading Project--Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past

Given that the latest X-Men movie is tackling one of the most famous X-Men storylines ever, we figured it would be appropriate to check out the comic version of Days of Future Past as well. But DoFP flows directly out of the Dark Phoenix Saga, so we figured it would be a better idea to start with that.

Both storylines cover issues #129-143 of Uncanny X-Men and X-Men Annual #4. Each of these storylines are also available in trade as well as Kindle versions, so everyone should be able to get their hands on them. Here's the Amazon links:

Dark Phoenix Saga
Days of Future Past

ComiXology also has them both:

Dark Phoenix Saga
Days of Future Past

Summer Watching Project--Attack on Titan (Season 1)

A little over one hundred years ago, a race of giant-like humanoids appeared on earth and began devouring people, to the point of almost wiping out humanity. Those that are left now live inside a walled city, and things have been relatively quiet for the past century. That changes one day when a towering 60-foot tall Titan shows up and smashes through the city wall, bringing a horse of smaller Titans with it as well.

Some of the remaining humans join a fighting force to strike back against the Titans before humanity is completely wiped out. Check out a clip below.

Our good friend and longtime Secret Identity contributor Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe (the “Anime Librarian” as she’s known to SI listeners) will be joining us for some of the Summer Watching Project segments, and she may even bring some off the voice cast from the show along with her!

When do we start?
We will be kicking off the Summer projects on June 6th with the first two episodes of Attack on Titan. On Monday June 9th, the first issue of the Dark Phoenix Saga will kick off the Summer Reading Project. So you've got about two weeks to get access to the materials and read/watch the first installments. We’ll be covering two episodes of Attack on Titan at a time, so we can get through the first season of 25 episodes in a reasonable time frame.

So get reading and watching, and listen to the Secret Identity podcast to follow along! You can also get updates and listen to show over at

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