Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Great Month at Camp NaNoWrimo!

Have I mentioned how much I love NaNoWriMo events? Because I really, really do. I'm just wrapping up my Camp NaNoWriMo project for July's event, and it's been a blast as usual.

This time around, I wrote a middle grade story that I've been sitting on for years. It felt so good to finally get this character moving in an actual story. And it felt just as good to wrap that story up and see how it all came together over the course of the month. I'm actually having my kids help beta read this one, as they right in my target age group (and one of the primary reasons I wrote this story). I'll be writing more about that process in the coming weeks, but right now, I just love reflecting back on this month's journey.

As usual, the best part of Camp NaNoWriMo (aside for getting a lot of writing done) was the great cabin mates that I met this past month. This was the most active cabin I've been in yet, and of the twelve people in the group, over half of them interacted pretty regularly. I love being able to check in with people as I'm making my way through a story. We had some great conversations about writing tools, word counts and more. And as always, cabin mates were extremely supportive to one another, encouraging people to keep writing when they were behind, and congratulating those who met their goals for the month.

I'm actually hoping to have a cabin mate or two on the See Brian Write podcast at some point, as I've put the offer out to them. I'll keep you posted!

Now, I'll take a few days off and dive into editing. I've also got Lovecraft's Pupil to edit and three conventions to attend, so it's going to be a busy August!

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