Monday, February 23, 2015

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Last month I wrote about that awkward period of time when your next book is almost ready to be released into the world. It's a time where you can get bogged down creatively, and I try to stay busy with other projects (podcasts, comics, etc.) so that I don't lose the momentum I've built up during NaNoWriMo.

But aside from the waiting game of the impending book release, the winter months are a tough time for me schedule-wise because I coach basketball. I've coached my daughter's team for three years now, and I absolutely love it. We've got a unique situation in that we are a fifth, sixth, seventh and eight-grade team playing in a 7-8 league (we didn't have enough kids for two teams). So, it's been a challenging season but a very rewarding one.

In terms of schedule though, coaching pretty much dominates my free time from early December until mid-March. In addition to multiple practices and games each week, there's a lot of prep time as well.

In a way, it works out well that NaNoWriMo wraps up and I roll right into basketball season. It keeps me from diving right back into edits on the draft I just wrote, and forces me to let it sit for a few months.

But as we come to the end of February, I can see the end of basketball season quickly approaching. And I'm like a caged animal thinking about what I'm going to do with that time when I get it back. So while I'll savor these last couple weeks of the season with the team, the write in me is doing jumping jacks.

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