Monday, June 22, 2015

Best Father's Day Ever!

This year's Father's Day was easily the best one I've had yet--the perfect combination of family time and fun activities that I'll remember forever.

The day began with my wife and kids giving me a brand new chair for my writing desk. I have had a crappy, cheap computer desk chair for probably fifteen years, and they replaced it with this beauty:

After testing out my new chair for a bit (the words seem to flow a little easier from this baby), we went out and had an awesome breakfast, then headed to what might be my new favorite place in the world:

The Quarters is an amazing place that is part pub and part arcade. Rather than try to describe it, I'll let the Phantom Gourmet show it to you:

We spent a couple of hours playing everything from BurgerTime, NBA Jam and X-Men to 1943 and The Simpsons. All of the machines are in good shape, and the retro game theme extends to everything from the decor to the menus. It was a blast, and I cannot wait to go back there.

We wrapped up this amazing Father's Day be heading out to see Jurassic World. The theater was as packed as I've seen one in years, and the movie was the perfect summer blockbuster.

One of my favorite things about the ages that my kids are at is that they enjoy a lot of the same things I do. Sharing old arcade games with them and going to the movies together is so much fun for me, and it was the perfect way to spend Father's Day. And knowing that my wife isn't a gamer, the fact that she helped the kids plan this day means a lot to me, and I really appreciated it. It was an awesome day from start to finish.

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