Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's Here! Get Ready to Bang Your Head to Our New Podcast: THRASH IT OUT!

Today is an exciting day, metal fans. I have been waiting to share this new since May.

My good friend and fellow writer Antony Johnston (Wasteland, Umbral, The FuseCodename Baboushka) and I are launching a brand new podcast today, one that celebrates rock and metal of all genres. It's called Thrash it Out (TiO), a show where Antony and I listen to and then discuss (in a heated fashion) a rock or metal album each episode.

While we're both self-proclaimed metalheads, our taste in rock and metal are pretty diverse, which makes for some really interesting conversations. We alternate who picks the album for each episode, so in addition to arguing about some very well known bands and albums, we'll also be exposing each other to music we might not have heard before, or at least haven't given a lot of time to.

We're coming right out of the gate with one of the most controversial metal albums of all time, Metallica's St. Anger. We've both got a lot to say about this one, although you might be surprised to hear how we feel about it overall.

You can listen to the first episode right now, right here!

You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here, and via RSS here.

In true garage band fashion, whatever support we get for this show will come directly from listeners themselves--no ads and no sponsors. If you like the show and want to help support us making more of it, we have a Patreon, where you can pledge as anywhere from $1 on up per episode of the show. Thrash it Out will run in "Volumes" of 10-12 episodes each, and the more patrons we get, the more shows we can make. [Become a patron here!].

So go forth, my metal-loving friends, and bask in the talk of crunching riffs, shredding solos, soaring vocals and and skull-shattering double bass drum beats. For we are here to celebrate that which makes us bang our heads. \m/\m/

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