Monday, August 10, 2015

We Love You, Sunny

It's amazing how quickly something you love can be taken from you.

Our family dog Sunny was hit by a car and killed yesterday. I cannot begin to tell you the profound sense of loss that our entire family is struggling with right now. For seven years, my children have grown up with Sunny.

From the day I brought her home, she has been a member of our family. When we asked our then 4-year old daughter what she wanted to name her new puppy, she answered "Sunshine Sparkles." Little did we know that Sunny was the perfect name for a dog that was a consistent source of joy for all of us.

She did everything with our family. She was such a sweet and friendly dog that she was invited to every get together, vacation and event. She also meant something different to each one of us.

She was my wife's hiking companion.

She was my son's security blanket.

And she was my daughter's best friend.

For me, Sunny was my early morning writing buddy. I am up at 5am every morning to write, and she was up with me, without fail. She would follow me around the kitchen as I made morning coffee, then plop down right next to my writing desk (or occasionally on my lap). It was our time and probably the thing I will miss the most about her.

It's honestly hard to comprehend what life around here will be like without Sunny. But unlike those things in life that you take for granted, I know that our entire family was thankful for every single day we got to spend with sunny. The joy she brought into our lives will never be forgotten, and its those memories that will stick with us after the pain of this loss begins to fade.

We miss you Sunny, and we will always love you.

Thank you to everyone who has offered kind words and support to our family. All of it helps.

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