Monday, January 11, 2016

Jolene Haley Brings the Love with the Shine Bright Gang

My good friend and co-writer Jolene Haley launched an amazing project this week, called the Shine Bright Gang. The project is all about positivity and self-love, and remembering what makes you awesome.

Jolene launched the SBG site with a very powerful blog post about depression and how it isolates you and turns you against yourself. In dealing with her own struggles, Jolene is creating a resource and a community where others can support each other as well.

Jolene is the most positive person I know, and the energy she brings to our writing projects is what makes it so fun working with her. Even when she isn't 100%, she is always supportive and encouraging to everyone around her. I am proud to call her my friend, and I'm extremely proud of what she's doing with SBG.

The Shine Bright Gang is a wonderful project that you should be checking out. You can download the first issue of the SBG zine for free over at the site right now.

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