Monday, March 28, 2016

Updates: Orchard Pointe, Woodsview and More!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted on the blog! And while I am super busy this last week of March (you'll see why in a minute), I wanted to give some updates on my current writing projects with my Horror twins partner, Jolene Haley. Without further ado:

Orchard Pointe
Jolene and I will be finishing the first draft of our new Orchard Pointe book this week. The draft is over 110K right now, and we are in the middle of the big finish. This book ended up being a little longer than what I anticipated, mostly because the setting of Orchard Pointe is one of the main characters of the series. So in this first book, we had a bit of worldbuilding to do. Once we finish the draft, edits and rewrites are next, and this book is on track for a late Spring/early Summer release.

Woodsview Murders #2: Haunted
We may have been spending some time in Orchard Pointe, but we haven't forgot about Avery, Quinn and the rest of the Woodsview crew. Jolene and I are already about 30K into this one and it will be our Camp NanoWriMo project for April. Book two will be picking up several months after the events of HARROWED, as Avery is struggling to move on and have some semblance of a normal in the wake of the Woodsview massacre. If you're a horror fan, then you know the sequel to a good slasher movie has to take it up a notch. Challenge accepted.

Pocumtuck Academy
If you've been paying attention to Jolene's twitter recently, you may have seen her drop a few hints about our next series, Pocumtuck Academy. I really don't want to drop too many spoilers this early, but as you might have guessed, this series will be set at a private boarding school nestled in the mountains of Massachusetts. The curriculum at Pocumtuck is a little...different than you might find anywhere else, and the school has been home to many interesting events, not all of which are pleasant.

So there you go, some updates on what Team Brolene is working on for the next several months. Now if you'll excuse me, i really need to get back to finishing this Orchard Pointe draft, as Camp NaNoWriMo starts in FOUR DAYS!!!!

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