Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easthampton BookFest Was Great!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Easthampton, Massachusetts for the Easthampton BookFest. It's a wonderful one-day celebration of books, zines and more, with signing, panels and other events happening all across Easthampton throughout the day.

I was over at Eastworks for the Lit Marketplace, which featured a collection of local authors selling their books. My pals Mark Masztal and G Michael Dobbs were my neighbors for the day, and there were plenty of booklovers that made their way through the marketplace during the six-hour event.

I of course spent most of my time talking about music and horror movies with every person that came by the table. I tend to forget that I'm there selling books, as I start geeking out about a particular album or movie with someone and before I know it, the day is pretty much over.

Despite my general incompetence as a promoter of my own work, I did manage to sell some books yesterday, and made a few new friends as well. One couple in particular I chatted with for well over a half hour, as they were metal fans, and the woman had a similar connection to southern Maine as I do. I'm pretty sure we're best friends now after reminiscing about Old Orchard Beach, Wells and Ogunquit.

And that's honestly my favorite part about bringing my books to events--hanging out with people who love some of the same things I do. This was a fantastic event, and I will absolutely be going back next year.

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