Monday, June 6, 2016

Editpalooza 2016: Week Four Report

So, you may have noticed that there was no update last week. That's not because there was no editing going on, because let me tell you--there's some editing going on.

The reason I missed last week's update (and almost this week's) is because I have a bad sinus infection, something I learned when I went to the doctor today after a week of being stubborn and trying to will this illness away. Lesson learned.

So, let's talk about edits! I am just about through my first pass of Orchard Pointe edits, and Jolene is deep into her first pass as well. So, she's reading through edits I've made and making more of her own, and as I go through another time, I'll be reading through her edits and making more of my own, and so on and so on. We are also having weekly video calls where we are discussing story points, making decisions together and just generally making sure we're staying on the same page.

The great news so far is that nothing is broken. From a functional standpoint, the story works. Which means we can focus on making it better.

So, that's the latest on the edits front. I'm looking forward to getting through this sinus infection so I can put my full energy into getting this book finished. Thankfully, I have the best teammate in the world, who has been killing it as usual.

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