Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cover Reveal: Intrusive Thoughts (Volume One)


I am super excited to reveal the cover for my upcoming short story collection, Intrusive Thoughts. The amazing Magali Fr├ęchette designed this cover, which really captures the feel I was looking for.

Intrusive Thoughts is a collection of short stories I've written over the past several years. There are seven stories in the collection, and this will be the first time any of them are collected in print. A few of the stories are from some blog anthologies I've been a part of over the years, a couple are loosely connected to the universes of books I've written, and the others are stories I had rattling around in my head for some time and really wanted to share.

One of the common themes that runs through these stories is that of familiar and places and everyday events being twisted into something terrifying. For the cover, I wanted to capture the feel of reality kind of shattering on the unsuspecting reader. I also wanted to work in a reference to my version of the Yellow Sign, which appears prominently in my Parted Veil series of books.

Magali is an wonderful cover designer, and she really nailed it. She's also an absolute dream to work with. At the last minute I found out that the book size I initially was planning on using wasn't available in the format I wanted, and Magali reformatted everything to the new specs before I could even finish hyperventilating. She's awesome.

Intrusive Thoughts will be released digitally and in print this September, but I'll have some print copies with me at Connecticut Horror Fest on August 27th!

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