Monday, August 29, 2016

CT HorrorFest 2016 Was Amazing

I traveled down to the Matrix Conference Center in Danbury, Connecticut on Saturday for the third annual CT HorrorFest. Rob and Christine Caprilozzi and all of the crew over at the Horror News Network put together another fantastic show. I saw some old friends, made some new ones, and had my best day of book sales ever.

I should have known the day was going to be great, when it began with meeting some of the stars of one of my all-time favorite franchises. I had just finished setting up my table when I saw Ellen Sandweiss and Theresa Tilly--Cheryl and Shelly from Evil Dead. They were looking for their table and I was more than happy to get them to where they were supposed to be. We got to chat for a couple minutes and they are both super nice. And, when I found their table and dropped them off, I got to meet Zach Galligan of Gremlins and Waxwork! So, my day was pretty much made from the get go.

When the show actually started, I had steady traffic coming by my table all day. I saw some people I haven't seen since last year (author Jess Rougeau and my pals from Metal Dogz), and had some great neighbors (Lisa of Happy Kitty Studio and Sam Costello of Split Lip).

One very cool and somewhat surreal experience was seeing people who have bought books from me in the past come by to pick up the latest ones. Whenever someone tells me they are a fan of my writing, I am blown away. Every time. I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear someone enjoyed something I wrote. So, thanks to everyone who stopped by the table to say hi.

Oh--I sold books, too! I covered my table cost and then some, and it was a successful debut for my short story collection, Intrusive Thoughts. My best show sales-wise for sure.

The capper on an amazing day was getting to meet one of the greatest horror creators of all time--George Romero. I have to give a huge shout out to Chris Conway from Horror News Network, as he encouraged me to go over and say hi to Mr. Romero, and he watched my table when I did. Getting to tell him how much his work means to me was a great moment, and he was extremely nice.

So, another wonderful CT HorrorFest is in the books, and I can't wait to go back again next year. Thanks again to the HNN crew for all of their hard work--it paid off big time.

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