Monday, August 8, 2016

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Where has the summer gone?!!

Seriously, I feel like it was the end of May like two weeks ago. But here we are. in mid-August, and I've got two book projects coming out this month.

One of the reasons for my lack of updates lately is that Jolene Haley and I have been laser focused on final edits for Orchard Pointe, which should be arriving on August 16th. An interesting aspect of Orchard Pointe (I think), is that it has some French-speaking characters in it, which has added a layer of complexity to both the writing and editing processes. Jolene and I want to give a big shout out to Magali Fr├ęchette, who has been a tremendous help to us in making sure our French dialogue was accurate.

And then of course there is my short story collection Intrusive Thoughts: Volume One, which will be out digitally before the end of the month. I actually debuted some print copies of the book at the Plastic City Comic Con in Leominster in late July, and the feedback has been very positive so far. I'll be taking the rest of those print copies with me to the Connecticut HorrorFest on August 27th.

In addition to those pending releases, Jolene and I are hard at work on the sequel to Harrowed, which is called Haunted. We're around 65K in our draft now, so we have a ways to go, but it's coming along very nicely. We think you'll really like some of the new characters we're introducing, though I can't promise they'll all be sticking around for the duration (*insert evil laugh here*).

So, the summer has flown by, but there's a lot of exciting stuff coming up. In addition to my writing projects, I'm still putting out new episodes of the Secret Identity podcast every week with my pal Matt Herring. We'll be heading to TerrifiCon later this month, where I'll be moderating a Spider-Man panel featuring Dan Slott, J.M. DeMatteis, Peter David and Roger Stern, which is basically a Mount Rushmore of Spider-Man writers for me.

If you're a music fan, Antony Johnston and I just released the latest episode of our music podcast Thrash It Out, in which we discuss Type O Negative's album October Rust.

And finally, if you're into gaming, Nick Merritt and I just posted the most recent episode of the Co-Op Critics Podcast, where we discuss Blizzard's newest game Overwatch.

So as you can see, I've been keeping busy this summer. Now it's time to get back to work on Orchard Pointe, because Jolene and i cannot wait to share it with you.

Stay tuned!

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