Thursday, August 17, 2017

Read My New Short Story "The Boathouse" In The Summer of Screams Showcase!

I'm really excited to share this one with you guys.

My good friend and writing partner Jolene Haley puts together these amazing showcases of writers and artists at least once a year. Each showcase has a theme, and this summer's showcase (Summer of Screams) had a summer camp horror theme. Anyone that knows me knows I'm am a ginormous fan of the Friday the 13th series, and '70s and '80s horror in general.

So for my story, I dug into my mental bag of favorite scenes and put together a story that is not only an homage to Friday the 13th, but to a handful of other fun flicks as well.

The story is called "The Boathouse," and you can read it right now for free on Jolene's site. I hope you enjoy it, and when you're done, check out all of the other great stories that have gone up so far. The rest will be going up throughout the month.

Oh, and stop by here on Monday for my Easter egg post that will reveal some of the influences behind my story!

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