Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Get COURTING THE KING IN YELLOW for 70% Off in Drive Thru's Halloween Bundle!

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Drive Thru Fiction is having some amazing sales to celebrate Halloween, and I'm a part of one. My first book Courting the King in Yellow is part of the Cthulhu Tales bundle, were you can get almost $30 of books for $7.95. That means you're getting Courting the King in Yellow for a measly thirty-five cents!

Courting the King in Yellow Book Cover

Not only that, but you also get some great anthology series as well, featuring stories inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

Now is the perfect time to grab Courting the King in Yellow, as its sequel was just released last week! So when you go to grab the bundle, you can pick up Chasing the King in Yellow at Drive Thru as well, and you'll still have spent under $10! So go grab some Halloween reads and celebrate October with some spooky stories.

chasing the king in yellow book cover

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