Saturday, August 25, 2018

The New SUSPIRIA Trailer Sets High Expectations

Good. Lord.

Suspiria was already my most-anticipated movie of 2018, based on my love for the original and the breadcrumbs we'd gotten about this reimagining so far. But the trailer that was released this week just confirmed that it is going to be amazing.

I am now on full media blackout until the movie releases, because fan theories are already running wild, and I just need to go into this movie with a clean slate. And there is already enough to unpack from this trailer that will last be.

What I will be doing, however, is rewatching not only the original Suspiria, but the other two entries in the "Three Mothers Trilogy," Inferno and Mother of Tears. I sincerely hope this new Suspiria is the start of a series, because it looks like Luca Guadagnino is paying the utmost respect to Argento's mythology. 

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