Saturday, November 10, 2018

Power Chords Podcast: Track 29--Dio and Red Dragon Cartel

Opening Act: 
The End: Machine album due in June
Ozzy on tour with Megadeth this Spring
Top 30 Guitarists (All That Shreds)
Kansas fans are great
Riverdale pays homage to Dokken (

Ear Candy: 
Dio--Master of the Moon (2004)
Red Dragon Cartel--Patina (2018)

Six Degrees of Frankie B.

Comin Atcha Live:
John Carpenter at the Hollywood Palladium 10/31

Rockversation: Geoff Downes
Matt recently spoke with the legendary musician and songwriter about his work with The Buggles, Asisa, Yes and more. NOTE: Matt's cats make several cameo appearances on this one.

Bonus Track: Fiction Syxx--Tall Dark Secrets
You can keep up with the band at, and you can preorder their upcoming album and get some coll bonus stuff at

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