Saturday, December 31, 2022

My Steam Recap 2022

I play most of my games on Xbox, but for whatever reason Xbox didn't do one of these recaps that every other platform put together for 2022. As such, my gaming stats for Steam are nothing to write home about this year, but it provides a good baseline to work from for 2023, as these numbers will go up dramatically. Why? Because I recently purchased a Steam Deck, and it has already become my preferred way to plat most games.

I'll write up a separate post about my experience with the Steam Deck so far, but one thing to note is that all of the games shown in the recap above except one (Icarus) have been played primarily on my Steam Deck. 

Of the games listed above, the two I most highly recommend are Signalis and Vampire Survivors. Signalis is an old school survival horror game that harkens back to the original PlayStation days. And Vampire Survivors is a kind of reverse bullet hell game that has to be experienced to be believed. It's incredibly addictive, and if not for Elden Ring, would probably have been my personal game of the year. Trailers for both games are below.

Wishing everyone a good year of gaming in 2023! 

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