Sunday, January 1, 2023

A Year of Learning and Building


I spent my Christmas holiday in Maine visiting family, and had a little time to decompress and reflect on this past year. This picture is from Wells Beach, and the serene ocean view in this image does not convey the 13-degree temperature of that morning. It was still beautiful, though.  

At this stage of my career, happiness for me is a perfect balance between building and learning in my work. The first half of my 2022 was definitely more learning than building, primarily because I started a new job in February. Learning a new organization, a new team, my place within both, and how I could best contribute has been a challenging and rewarding process (and one that is still ongoing). The second half of the year shifted more into building mode, and I’m incredibly proud of what the team has accomplished. From a content strategy standpoint, we laid a strong foundation, and that puts us in great shape heading into 2023. 

So, even though I felt out of balance at times over this past year, the learning and building evened out in the end. For me, 2023 will be about keeping that balance throughout the year.

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