I am an avid podcaster, having created, produced, and hosted podcasts for 16 years now. Below is a list of the podcasts that you can listen to me on, and links to get them.

2099 Revisited (Subscribe)

2099 Revisited is a comics podcast about Marvel’s World of Tomorrow.

In 1992, Marvel gave readers a look into the future of some of our favorite characters, with the launch of the 2099 universe. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of that universe in 2022, I’m going to revisit all of the 2099 comics from the initial run. From 1992’s Spider-Man 2099 #1, through 1998’s 2099: Manifest Destiny, every series, and every issue will be explored. There will be guest co-hosts, special episodes, and maybe even an interview or two along the way. 

Find show notes, pictures, and more at 2099revisited.com.

Power Chords Podcast (Subscribe)
A twice-monthly podcast celebrating rock and metal music of the '70s, '80s, '90s and beyond. The show is co-hosted by Matt Herring and myself. Each episode we discuss some of the news across the industry, the albums that we are listening to, and the concerts we are attending (which are many). We also feature interviews with some of our rock and metal heroes, who are still putting out great music today. You can also find episodes, reviews and interviews on powerchordspodcast.com.

Thrash It Out: The Metal Arguments (Subscribe)
A heavy metal podcast hosted by Brian and Antony Johnston. Each episode we listen to one metal album and have an in-depth discussion about each track. You can find out more over at thrashitoutpodcast.com.

Conversations with Creative People (Subscribe)
CWCP is my occasional podcast about the creative process. The show features discussions about writing, art, podcasting and more. Each episode includes interviews with creators of all genres and mediums. All show notes and episodes are posted here on my blog.

Co-Op Critics (Subscribe)
An occasional gaming podcast where we have in-depth conversations about a particular game or gaming topic. Initially co-hosted by Dan Evans, I've had rotating guests, and most recently, my Co-Op critics partner Nick Merritt join me as well. You can find individual episodes and read some of my games writing over at co-opcritics.com.

lbobi radio and Kitbash Radio (Listen)
One of the greatest rewards I received from doing Secret Identity over the years is the friends that I’ve made through the show. Jeff Rodgers runs a very successful photography studio with his wife Allison (Allison Rodgers Photography), and we became fast friends after connecting through the Secret Identity community. In late 2009, Jeff started a great blog for creatives called lbobi—The Little Blog of Big Ideas.

As the blog was finishing out its first year, Jeff expressed a desire to start a podcast to go along with it. He asked me if I would be willing to produce the podcast, and he invited me to co-host with him as well. After a few brainstorming sessions, we began recording lbobi Radio, a podcast dedicated to design, technology, and inspiring creativity. Over the course of three years we produced fifty-six episodes of the show. Jeff launched a brand design business called Kitbash in 2013, and the last run of podcast episodes were called Kitbash radio to reflect his new venture. The last episode of Kitbash Radio aired on September 16, 2013. You can find the entire run of the show over at www.lbobiradio.podomatic.com.

Secret Identity
A twice-weekly podcast about comics, TV, movies, games and more that ran from 2006-2017. Co-hosted by Matt Herring. You can listen old episodes of the show and read news and reviews on www.secretidentitypodcast.com.

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